I believe in creating a work environment that fosters strong ethics, hard work, and shared prosperity. I pledge to you that your quality of life will always be a top priority.
— Brian Radford, Owner

The Pay
First and foremost, we take pride on paying at an extremely competitive level, for our industry and our city. Our minimum wage for Dishwashers is $9/hour. Are minimum wage for Line Cooks begins at $10/hour. We realize to some that money isn’t everything when it comes to being happy at a job, but it's just the foundation of what we do for our staff.

Health Care
HK on the Bay covers $85/month health supplemental toward medical coverage for employees AND their dependents.

Paid Vacation
Our team works incredibly hard to make and serve your food and alcohol. There is a deep-rooted expectation of very hard work at HK on the Bay, but we also try to promote a healthy work/life balance. We offer one week of paid vacation, which is an extension of our results-focused management philosophy.

Continuing Education Bonuses
Every thirty days you may take the Master Station Test for a given station, administered by the General Manager. You must pass with a 100%. Every time you pass a Master Station Test, you'll receive a patch embroidered to your chef coat for that station. When you pass all Master Station Tests you will receive a $500 bonus (if you are in good standing in your department - zero policy infringements). Wait, there's more! If you receive a degree from any culinary college during your employment with a minimum of one year of service you will receive a $500 bonus....WHAT?!

Holiday Pay
$4/hour increase on the following holidays: New Years Eve, New Years Day, Christmas Eve. Fourth of July. Thanksgiving. Easter.

Quarterly Meal Card
Back of House employees receive a quarterly $75 Gift Certificate to be used at a sister restaurant or your home restaurant. This is a benefit for you and your significant other, or a friend to enjoy a restaurant you have helped create!

Promote From Within
If you are looking to further your career into our management team, whether it's an Executive Chef, Sous Chef, Service Manager or Lead Server or General Manager, we guarantee we will begin our search within our own company before we take ANY outside interviews. We are firm believers of promotion from within instead of hiring from the outside. Make it known to your General Manager and we will promise to set you up for success!

Management Benefits
Our Management Benefit Package includes profit sharing, health care benefits, paid vacation (two weeks paid vacation after year one & two. Three weeks paid vacation beginning year three.

There is a popular notion that Restaurant Managers are required to work long hours that take them away from their friends and families. HK on the Bay vows to BREAK this "industry standard" that requires restaurant managers to work an insane amount of hours. Our management teams are scheduled 45 hour work weeks. We believe your mental health and work/home life balance is just as important as your work. Our team works incredibly hard to make and serve amazing food and cocktails. If you are an all-star at your job and your department is properly staffed and scheduled, we trust you to use your time responsibly.

Other Fun Perks
Our employees are entitled 50% off of a discountable menu AND  allowed to have one free drink after EVERY shift! In addition to that perk, they get discounted merchandise.

The People & Culture
Arguably the best perk of working for HK on the Bay is, simply, the amazing people that work here. We humbly have managed to attract some of the most talented folks in Hampton Roads. From our kitchen team to the service staff, we are 100% certain that we have some of the industries finest working here and they make this place what it has become.

We’re looking forward to growing our team in the near future, so if you’re excited about working for us and experiencing some pretty sweet perks, we encourage you to keep up with our social media and website for job openings.